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Dad's Personalized Coffee Mug

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 Personalize this 11 oz or 15 oz mug for Father's Day as a perfect gift that comes with 4 photos of your choice!

*Please Note: Once you purchase this mug you can send us the 4 pictures of your choice you want us to add to this mug at the email: info@craftycreationsbycynthias.com Thank you.

Pictures and designs are printed directly on the mug.

The quality of your custom item is the result of the quality of the photo you provide. When submitting your photo please make sure you have checked these things:

1. Make sure your image is clear.
2. Make sure your photos are bright and taken in a well-lighted area.
3. Your photo will be fitted to the product with no alterations or editing. Make sure there is enough background space to allow formatting.